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Alexa Spa & Wellness An Aromatic Sanctuary. The first of its kind in Mexico, the spa is a reflection of and immersion in the culture of Mexico, both in design and development of treatments. A philosophy in tune with nature’s elements, Alexa Spa & Wellness is a sanctuary of relaxed simplicity designed around fragrant and serene water gardens. Gentle sea breezes pass through private spa “casitas” capturing the essence of local flora while sunlight and shadows play lightly throughout the space. An outdoor lifestyle is fostered in the relaxation areas comprised of terraces, balconies and pools..

Open from 9 am – 9 pm

Services & Treatments

We have created a collection of result-oriented treatments that are unique to the Alexa Spa & Wellness. Highly trained therapists are carefully selected to ensure their skills and knowledge base are second to none. This rigorous training elevates the treatment experience due to our technically advanced, holistic and personalized approach.

Just as Mexico has a mélange of cultural influences, our treatments are a fusion of the aromatherapy, phytotherapy and thalassotherapy traditions of Latin American and European healing philosophies.

Open from 9 am – 9 pm

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